Hughes HypnoBirthing
Antenatal classes to prepare for a positive birth

A HypnoBirthing® class for mothers to be and birth partners
designed to bring about a positive, more comfortable birthing experience.

Offering courses for those in Isleworth and surrounding areas since 2014.


What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing believes that every woman has the right to a calm and comfortable birthing experience. This should be a given.

This course helps mothers to be and their birth partners achieve this through education about the birthing body, learning breathing techniques, the practice of relaxation with hypnosis and visualisations. Through knowledge and practice HypnoBirthing can help restore birthing to a positive experience with a mother that feels confident, empowered and can look forward to her birthing day.

What are the benefits of HypnoBirthing?

  • Mothers to be learn how to achieve deep levels of relaxation which helps eliminate the fear that causes tension and in turn pain
  • Reduces stress in the mother which in turn keeps the baby well oxygenated during labour and birth
  • Greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for painkillers and drugs
  • Gives the birthing companion an integral role in the birth process
  • Reduces the need for episiotomy and the likelihood of tearing
  • Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a calmer, more gentle birth


What is HypnoMothering?

HypnoMothering is a 2 ½ hour class for mums to be, new mothers, and mums of young children. You'll learn how to make the most of limited sleep, to keep calm and balanced on challenging days, learn to trust your instincts and find focus and mindfulness amidst busy life that mothers face.

For information please see

How is Self-Hypnosis Helpful for Mothers?

  • Rapid Relaxation: Hypnosis provides easy to learn techniques to quickly relax mum's body while creating mindfulness and balance.
  • Positive Emotional Resources: Quick self-hypnosis techniques allow mothers to tap into positive emotions even on difficult days.
  • Hypnotic Time Distortion for Sleep: Whether you have five minutes or five hours to catch some rest, hypnosis helps your mind and body make the most of the sleep you have.

Ania Hughes BSc(Hons) HBCE HME

First and foremost I am a HypnoBirthing mother. HypnoBirthing taught me techniques which enabled me to enjoy the calm and comfortable births I had hoped for. It inspired me to train as a Practitioner so that other mothers can also look forward to and enjoy their birthing day.

With a BSc(Hons) in Psychology and having worked at Kings College London in a research role for a number of years the influence of the mind on the body was clear. This link seemed a logical extension in HypnoBirthing - in which we learn to relax and trust our body to birth our baby. We do this through education about the birthing body and how to work with it. We can then approach birthing positively and embrace the experience feeling prepared whichever way you birth.

Through life we never stop learning and I believe antenatal education is vital to a positive birth experience. Through gaining understanding of the birthing body, how to work with it, the relaxation techniques and understanding the birthing options open to you mean that both mothers and birth partners are positive and empowered to enjoy their birthing journey.

I am also a HypnoMothering Practitioner. The early days into motherhood can be incredibly joyous but equally challenging as you find your feet as a new mother. I feel this class is a good bridge between preparing women for labour and the beginning of life as a mother.


HypnoBirthing Course

The HypnoBirthing course consists of 10 hours tuition (mother & birth partner).

  • Courses options include small group classes in person, groups on Zoom or private 1:1. All are held in Isleworth.
  • Couples are taught relaxation, breathing, self-hypnosis and massage techniques to use during labour and birth.
  • The classes offer couples a complete antenatal preperation which leaves you prepared for birth.
  • A HypnoBirthing course in preparation for a Caesarian section is also available on a 1:1 basis.
  • Included in the cost:

    • 4 × 2 ½ hour HypnoBirthing sessions for mum and Birth Companion
    • HypnoBirthing relaxation MP3
    • All course handouts & materials
    • Contact with myself via email/phone for the duration of the course

    The price of the group course is £290 per couple.

    The price of a private 1:1 course is £390 per couple.

    HypnoBirthing Refresher Course

    If you have done a HypnoBirthing course before and would like a refresher to prepare for your new arrival then I offer a single 2 ½ hour bespoke session based around your needs. I am happy to cover whatever it is you feel you need. If you are unsure of what you'd like to cover then I generally like to review breathing techniques, relaxation, self hypnosis and discussing your birth preferences. I am also happy to reissue any handouts or materials you feel you may need second (or third) time around.

    The price of the course is £100 per session.

    HypnoMothering Workshop

    The HypnoMothering workshop is a single 1 × 2 ½ hour session. This class is designed with mothers in mind to help prepare for the physical and emotional transition of bringing baby home. Where possible is best taken before baby arrives. It is a fantastic session which is a natural follow on from HypnoBirthing to assist mothers into the early days of motherhood to help with the practicalities of life with a newborn.

    Mothers of babies or children of ANY age are more the welcome to attend. Please make childcare arrangements for the time of your session.

    Cost includes all course handouts and audio downloads.

    The price of the course is £100 per session.


    Classes can take place in my home located in Isleworth. A calm setting to help you learn and prepare for the birth of your baby.

    Isleworth is within 20 minutes of both Richmond and Twickenham.

    Surrounding areas include St Margarets, Chiswick, Ealing, Brentford, Whitton, Hampton.

What my clients say…

I felt empowered, calm and excited for the day:

quote-bottom Ania has helped both my husband and I through two wonderful birth experiences. I was hugely sceptical at the start and it was my husband who persuaded me to take part the first time round. The sessions were wonderful preparation for how to deal with the events that were coming our way as every birth is different and you never know what is coming your way. Even though both my births were relatively simple, there were hurdles to overcome and surprises round each corner. The hypnobirth program Ania gave us prepared us brilliantly for these, allowing me to stay calm and controlled throughout the experience. My first birth was in a maternity unit and thanks to a hypnobirthing coach who was the midwife coordinator buying us a little more time, I was able to avoid the impending drip induction and still feel that I was not risking my babies health. My second was a home birth which was wonderful and after a few false starts very quick and complication free.

Before I started with Ania, I was convinced that childbirth was a horribly painful experience that just had to be endured and feared. After the course and the top up before my second I felt empowered, calm and excited for the day. If you commit to the course it can help you get the best experience possible. It may not give you an uncomplicated journey, but you will be better prepared for what is coming your way. I advise all my friends to do hypnobirthing and if they can afford it to use a 1 on 1 coach as this gives you so much more. quote-bottom

Erica, Battersea

A partners perspective:

quote-bottom When my partner said she was keen to explore 'HypnoBirthing' as part of our birth plans I was initially very sceptical of the term. I quickly discovered though this has little to do with hypnotism and far more to do with relaxation, comfort and feeling happy and prepared for the big day.

Ania took us through informal but focused sessions that quickly dispensed with the preoccupation of 'controlling everything in advance', and instead helped us enjoy the changes taking place leading up to our new arrival. Little D and Mum are well, and looking back the sessions with Ania were a relaxed few hours of feeling together at a really busy time. Quite a few of the phrases and techniques are pretty helpful during early morning nappy changes too! quote-bottom

Matt, Chiswick

I completely trusted my body:

quote-bottom I still can't thank you enough for how beneficial your sessions were for me, I went from being terrified to completely trusting my body and just knowing everything would be perfect if I kept my brain out of the way!

In the end labour was a 4 hour power house of a delivery. As soon as contractions started I climbed into bed and put on the Rainbow Relaxation and did everything I could to just relax and get some rest. Contractions quickly ramped up and B put the tens machine on my back, I tried a bath but after two contractions in the bath and a "I'm not sure I can do this" moment B decided it was time to go to hospital!

We arrived and because I was breathing and just staying in my own place we were left in triage. I was too far in my own zone to really speak. So after 30 mins of entering hospital I turned to B and promptly announced that "baby's here"! To which he didn't believe me, but by that point I was holding her head! So B delivered his little girl.

So labour was great and I have a gorgeous healthy little girl. I can't thank you enough for getting me in the right head space to allow a quick and easy birth. I recommend hypnobirthing courses to everyone now! quote-bottom

Petra, Richmond

I was able to enjoy the experience of watching my baby being born, without any fear:

quote-bottom When I heard about HypnoBirthing during my first pregnancy I have to admit I was sceptical, but so many of my friends had such positive experiences of labour and birth having used the techniques that I decided to give it a go. I was so impressed with how much I learnt in my first session with Ania. She immediately put me at my ease and was very informative about how to work with your body during labour, much more so than any antenatal class I have ever been to.

I think the best part of the course for me was the HypnoMothering session which I cannot recommend highly enough. It was fantastic to have some practical advice and suggestions about how to stay calm when you have a newborn and a three year old to care for at home on your own.

In the end, I didn't have the water birth at home that I was hoping for, however this meant that I needed the relaxation techniques I learnt from Ania even more as they helped me feel in control as I was being wheeled down to theatre for an emergency c section. As a result of the course, I was truly able to enjoy the experience of watching my baby being born, without any fear. quote-bottom

Kate, Isleworth

Very different to the experience with my eldest

quote-bottom I was talking to my friend who is pregnant and telling her how wonderful your course is. When I realised that I forgot to email you with my baby news!!! We had a beautiful baby boy. He’s almost 6 months old now. I opted for a c-section in the end. But was able to use the techniques you gave us to calm my anxiety. I also used a lot of your techniques during my pregnancy and D is the calmest, most chilled out baby ever! Very different to our experience with my eldest (but that was a very stressful pregnancy). So I’m pretty sure the hypnobirthing techniques had something to do with it. I also used a lot of your techniques during my pregnancy, especially during the horrible heat wave, to help me relax and fall asleep. So better late than never ...but thank you so much!! quote-bottom

Ash, Hillingdon

So quick that it actually took the staff by surprise:

quote-bottom As promised, here are some pictures of our baby Daughter, A. She was born 2 weeks early last Friday at 1.41am, weighing 3.1kg. We are back home and she is doing great!

The labour was nothing like we had expected and planned for unfortunately as I had to be induced as an emergency due to pre-eclampsia that they discovered at my 38 weeks routine check. I went in hospital last Tuesday and was induced on Thursday so I didn't get the birth centre and had to give birth in the labour ward and delivery room instead.

However, the labour itself was very quick lasting a total of 6 hours from 1cm dilated to actually giving birth! And 12hrs in total from the first contractions. It was so quick and so unexpected actually that it took the staff at Queen Charlotte by surprise and I ended up doing my entire labour with no pain relief beyond gas and air and a birthing ball… And I also got to experiment hypnobirthing techniques on the labour ward. Despite the conditions being opposite to our birth preferences, I was able to go through the whole process with no pain relief and completely naturally and have an entirely natural birth purely by using the breathing techniques you had showed me as well as the relaxation techniques and affirmations in my head!

So I wanted to say a huge thank you again! I couldn't have done it in these conditions without our sessions before, they proved really helpful and got me through it all, especially the breathing which was brilliant and really worked for me! I was also able to shut away everyone else and the noise in the ward and deeply relax thanks to all our exercises and preparations. It was really helpful and absolutely worked for me! I also absolutely fell in love with the birthing ball which caused my water to break naturally. They tried to get me to lie on a bed several times to monitor me better but I refused and stuck to the ball until I was ready to push… Best decision I've ever made! :-)

All in all, I somewhat strangely loved my birthing experience, came out feeling really empowered and proud of myself and had a great experience despite everything and our healthy baby girl is a reminder of it too.

P and I wanted to say a big thank you for the great sessions we had with you, which played such a key role in my ️️️️labour. We have become strong advocates of hypnobirthing. It really works and really helps, no matter the circumstances! quote-bottom

Virginie, Chiswick

HypnoBirthing with twins:

quote-bottom After a brilliant natural birth with my first baby I wasn't sure what hypnobirthing would add to my birth experience but I couldn't have been more wrong. This time things were a bit more complicated — it was twins!

The hypnobirthing course with Ania was brilliant. She was very thoughtful in her approach and always tailored everything to our specific needs. My husband was very sceptical but even he felt that the course was completely accessible and he never felt alienated. I was hoping for another natural birth but twin one was a footling breech and I was feeling sad that I wouldn't get to use my new-found skills, so I was overjoyed when I went in to labour naturally. There was a long waiting list for the theatre and I got to use all the hypnobirthing techniques Ania had taught me going from 0-10cm in record time with an absolute minimum of pain and a feeling of complete control. It was a revelation. When I was finally rushed in for my unavoidable caesarian the theatre staff were in amazement at my demeanour.

I cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience. If you're in any doubt just do it! quote-bottom

Yvonne, Whitton

Common Questions

When is the best time to start?

It is recommended to start the course between 25 and 32 weeks pregnant as this gives plenty of time to learn and practice all the techniques. If you are closer to term arrangements can be made to suit your needs in the given time, just contact me for details.

My partner isn't convinced, can I do the course on my own?

HypnoBirthing believes that birth is about the mother, birth companion and baby. This means it is important you attend the course with a birth companion but this does not necessarily mean your partner. This could be your mother, friend or doula.

If you are unsure whether the course is right for you then then do get in touch for a chat via Zoom. This can be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and see if this course is right for you prior to booking.

Will I be hypnotized?

There are many misconceptions surrounding hypnosis. At one time or another we have all been in a state of hypnosis; if you are completely focussed on a tv programme or on a run and end up "in the zone" this is a form of hypnosis. During hypnosis you remain in control and aware of your surroundings but are able to tune out distractions. In HypnoBirthing we use hypnosis as a method of relaxation to help a woman follow the lead of her birthing body.

How many sessions are there? How long are they?

The course consists of four HypnoBirthing sessions. I like to schedule two and a half hours for each class. This gives ample time to discuss all the material and practice all the techniques taught. Sessions can vary in length according to the needs of the class but they will not run over the allocated time, as this can be tiring for expectant mothers.

I'm not far off my due date, is it too late to do the course?

If you are closer to term then arrangements can be made to suit your needs in the given time, please just contact me for details.

I heard HypnoBirthing means birth will be pain free, is that true?

HypnoBirthing believes that birth is a normal physiological function. The course teaches various methods to relax in labour to work in harmony with your body as it births. We learn how the techniques can free us from the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle. As a result many HypnoBirthing mothers require less, if any, medical intervention in the form of pain relief.

No one can promise birth outcomes. However HypnoBirthing teaches you to approach birth in a calm manner so that you can look forward to the joyous event your birthing day will be.


If you'd like to book onto a course or find out more please get in touch.